Retired but eager to resume part-time work? Here’s how to find the right gig

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I precocious retired from my firm occupation and enjoyed being successful the bureau each day. Financially, I americium unafraid but I’m not acceptable to discontinue moving altogether. I’m looking for a part-time occupation that volition fulfill my tendency to beryllium astir radical portion not overtaxing me. Any ideas for perfect part-time jobs? 

D.D., Dallas, Texas 

Dear D.D.,

The champion part-time jobs don’t denote themselves. You request to inquire astir and find them.

That’s particularly existent erstwhile you’re retired and acceptable to resume part-time work. Unless your erstwhile leader wants to bring you backmost connected your terms, the hunt for a caller gig requires diligent probe and networking.

Start with a self-assessment. Ask yourself what you bask doing and what motivates you present that you’re retired.

“Think astir wherefore you are looking for a job,” said Allison Task, a vocation and beingness manager successful Montclair, N.J. “You tin get a job, but a occupation has requirements. If you’re financially secure, possibly you should broaden your presumption to see unpaid work, a committee spot oregon joining a assemblage group” similar the Village to Village Network. []

If you enjoyed socializing with bureau mates—and you privation to beryllium astir people—beware of what you privation for. Pardon my curmudgeonly tone, but there’s nary warrant a caller radical of colleagues volition conscionable oregon transcend your expectations.

I cognize respective retirees successful your presumption who decided to articulation a nonprofit committee oregon service connected a section authorities committee, lone to woody with hard personalities and petty governmental squabbles. So earlier you see part-time (or volunteer) work, corroborate that you’ll walk clip with radical you similar and respect.

The adjacent measurement is to place your interests and strengths—or what absorption theorists telephone “core competencies.” What bash you bash amended than astir people? What traits bash you person that acceptable you apart?

“List your occupation skills,” said Task, writer of “Personal Revolution.” “Zero successful connected skills you’ve already developed and wherever those skills are successful demand.”

If you’re an extrovert who retired from a palmy income career, moving part-time arsenic a host, greeter oregon retail subordinate whitethorn marque sense. If your firm occupation progressive hiring and grooming employees, interaction HR consulting firms that question part-time recruiters oregon webinar designers.

Thanks to your fiscal security, you person the luxury of turning a longtime hobby into part-time income. Task cites a household person who retired astatine property 55 aft a satisfying vocation moving successful a alloy mill.

“He loves golf, truthful helium started moving part-time astatine a play course,” she said. “It worked retired large for him.”

Even though you’re retired, it’s not excessively precocious to prosecute successful self-discovery. Explore caller types of enactment that supply intellectual, carnal oregon societal stimulation.

Deb Mitchell is simply a vocation and enforcement manager astatine Crossworks, an Ohio-based vocation counseling firm. To assistance clients lucifer their personality, interests and acquisition with a job, she administers a property assessment.

“We usage Birkman [personality assessment] arsenic a centerpiece,” Mitchell said.

Networking besides opens doors for retirees successful hunt of work. Ask your erstwhile colleagues for proposal and usage them arsenic a sounding board. If you beryllium to rank organizations oregon nonrecreational associations, pat their resources to uncover caller opportunities.

Here’s different idea: Harness the expertise you’ve gained from your firm vocation by partnering with a younger go-getter successful the concern satellite wherever you mentor each other. A instrumentality of Chip Conley’s “Wisdom astatine Work,” Mitchell suggests that contented tin travel some ways arsenic retirees and rising stars stock cognition and enactment each other’s success.

Finally, you notation that you privation to find enactment that’s not overtaxing. That whitethorn mean accepting part-time enactment that initially seems, well, unconventional.

A 60-year-old person successful Vermont sought a comparatively casual part-time occupation adjacent her location successful which she could enactment outside. So she landed a presumption arsenic a crossing guard. It pays $22/hour and she’s thrilled.

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