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Germany Struggles to Get Ahead of Virus With Death Toll Mounting

European leaders are scrambling to enforce unprecedented restrictions on the movement of their populations in a desperate attempt to prevent their health-care systems being overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. Germany COVID-19
On a weekend that saw more than 2,000 people killed by the virus in Italy and Spain, Germany banned gatherings of more than two people and the U.K.’s Boris Johnson threatened “tougher measures” unless British people stop ignoring calls to avoid social gatherings. Officials in Rome decreed a halt to almost all domestic travel while Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez extended the state of emergency in his country for another two weeks.

European Union unleashed

After a week in which the European Union unleashed all its fiscal and monetary firepower to mitigate the economic damage from the virus — and to calm financial markets — the mounting death toll brought a grim reminder that in the clinics and the hospitals at the heart of the outbreak, the virus is overpowering medical professionals. Germany News
Johnson may decide as soon as Monday to impose similar restrictions after weekend newspapers reported Britons are meeting in parks and making trips to coastal towns after the government last week ordered pubs and restaurants across the country to close.
“We need to think about the kinds of measures that we’ve seen elsewhere,” Johnson said at a televised press conference on Sunday. “Some people are not making it easy for us because they are congregating in a way that helps spread the disease.” Germany Political News
Italy, where the disease has killed almost 5,500 people, ordered people to stay in their municipalities except for “non-deferrable and proven business or health reasons or other urgent matters,” according to the Health Ministry. The measure applies to all private and public transportation. However, Sunday’s toll of 651 fatalities were lower than the day before.
“We all hope that this trend can be confirmed in the new few days,” Angelo Borrelli, head of Italy’s civil protection agency, told reporters. “But we must not lower our guard.” Germany Press Distribution Service

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